Pearl and Jack Hart

Pearl and Kate

Joe Boot

Newspaperman, Pearl and Emma Goldman

Joe, Ed and Truman


Cathy Chamberlain - Book and Lyrics Rich Look - Music
Lea Orth - Director/Script Consultant Jim Osorno - Choreographer
David Jackson - Musical Director/Arranger Steve Cohen - Co-Arranger
Howard Johnson - Additional Vocal Arrangements Amy Kitzhaber - Costume Designer
Amith A. Chandrashaker - Lighting Design Queene Cavette - Asst. to Costumer
Jim Losee - Stage Manager John Rice - Asst. Stage Manager, Principal U/S
Nathan James Weiss - Asst. Stage Manager  

Time & Place
The settings should suggest the vast open country at the turn of the century with set pieces moving in to create the 1893 World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago, the Arizona Territory, and ending on a Vaudeville stage.

Principle Characters (Actor)

Pearl Hart spunky, naive Canadian ingénue (Catherine Hesse)
Kate worldly saloon owner (Laurie Gamache*)
Lucy Taylor aspiring writer and Pearl's younger sister (Darcy Miller*)
Frederick 'Black Jack' Hart professional gambler, Pearl's husband (Michael Shane Ellis*)
Bill Truman cowboy star and sometime-sheriff (Keith Krutchkoff)
Joe 'Boot' ex-Confederate bartender/miner (George Riddle*)
Ed Hogan town drunk and bicycle thief (Trip Plymale*)
Newspaperman United Press reporter/photographer/paperboy (Tyler W. Smith)

Other Characters (Actor)
Miss Foster and Carmella (Natasha Soto-Albors)
Judge A. O. Brody (Arthur Lindquist*)
Mrs. Brodie (Angie Blocher*)
Stanley Davis and Voice of the Conductor (Bradley P. Staube*)
Emma Goldman (Judith Polson*)
Woo Fun (Dax Valdes)
Suffragette (Stephanie Schweitzer*)
the People

*Member of Actors' Equity


The Legend of Pearl Hart is a musical based on seven years in the life of an historic Arizona bandit. Pearl's journey begins as a sheltered Canadian teenager impulsively elopes for the 1893 World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago with charming gambler Jack Hart. Abandoned soon after, she makes a precarious move West in the hopes of finding a decent life. But what unfolds is short-lived business success followed by ultimate failure, a brief but notorious career as America's last stagecoach robber, a revolutionary foray into politics, and a pioneering excursion into the world of modern American fame. Although her notoriety buffets her with the demands of everyone she meets from the town drunk to Emma Goldman, Pearl's deliverance finally arrives with the help of friends, family and a star-turn onstage. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world we find love, betrayal, migration, crime, politics, fame, family loyalty, redemption, and vaudeville. This is not just Pearl's journey; it is the story of America as it careens into the twentieth century.